Who Pays for a Crime Scene Cleanup?

Dealing with a crime scene cleanup in Austin can be one of the most emotionally exhausting things to do. This is in consideration that such situations are often filled with traumatizing scenes. That’s one of the main reasons as to why it’s recommended to hire specialists for a crime scene cleanup. Besides, it’s considered unsafe to handle crime scene cleanup tasks if one does not have proper training as well as the equipment needed.

But who’s to pay for the cleanup?

It’s almost obvious that every property owner will hire professionals for a crime scene cleanup in Austin. However, one of the main challenges is that most people don’t know clearly who is supposed to pay for the job done. A considerably widespread misconception about such cleanups is that some government agency is responsible for the cleanup as part of their normal services.

That is, however, not true at all. Even though government agencies will be involved in the case in one or another way, they are not connected in any way to the cleanup costs. So, who pays for the costs? Well, in most cases, homeowner’s insurance policies will be responsible for covering the cost of services provided by the cleanup company. However, this is not always a guarantee.

One policy may pay for some situations but not others, while another may pay for the entire costs. Some policies may not cover the costs at all depending on the situation. If your insurance does not cover the cost, then it’s expected that the property owner will be the one to settle the bills.


Facts to consider

Here are facts related to homeowners policies and the connection to crime scene cleanups:

  1. If your policy covers crime scene cleanup, the insurance company is supposed to provide the coverage without restricting you to a certain cleaning company. You are supposed to pick the crime scene cleaners of your choice.
  2. The court system can award the affected persons with some funds for cleanup, even though that may not happen quickly.
  3. The affected individuals can also receive clean up funds from a program in their state connected to the National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards.