5 Reasons Why Moving to Tempe, AZ is a Great Choice

Tempe is a small city with a moderate population of about 160,000. However, it shares the ambiance of a bigger city making it a convenient place for a cosmopolitan lifestyle. There are plenty of things to fancy in Tempe, ranging from enchanting sceneries of Camelback mountain, unique adventures, and shopping. You do not want to get left out when the fun gets saucy. It has moderate temperature all year round, making it an ideal escape zone when the weather gets unbearable in your State.

Tempe has secured a reputable status of its own. It is renowned for its iconic works of arts and culinary ventures. In fact, you not only need to visit the place but, you need to make it your home by looking at the listings on available condos for sale in Tempe. Below are some of the thrilling facts that make Tempe, AZ a must visit.

  1. Public Transportation

If it’s the question of how you will move around the city, Tempe presents you with free orbit shuttles, light rail, parks and ride stations, buses and even motor services. Moving people around the town has never been an issue. For the residents, they get to enjoy the free bus services fro the Orbit shuttle.

  1. Shopping

Tempe provides quality goods at a pocket-friendly price. There are many stops for your shopping. You can try the Arizona Mills, and the IKEA store. This makes the place affordable to reside since, groceries, rentals and even transport is cheap.

  1. Entertainment

At night, the streets burst with life with students, locals, and visitors. Everyone minds their business to grab a fun moment at the best restaurant. It has a great nightlife that ranging from restaurants, bars scenes, and retail establishments. Tempe hosts Arizona State University hence youngsters make the city lively. It welcomes students from all walks of the world. Thus, they embrace different cultural activities. Whether you are a student or a local, you have much to gain when you live in Tempe, AZ.

  1. The Economy

A higher percentage of the population in Tempe is employed. Hence there are no cases of people struggling to make ends meet. Since it is the city of Universities, it provides intellectual who are job market ready. Thus, this helps curb unemployment making the crime rates low. Therefore, Tempe offers a conducive environment for a proper upbringing of your family.

  1. Gaming and Arts

The life in Tempe is all rounded. There is no discrimination when it comes to fun. Here it hosts a couple of gaming events and art scenes. For your child’s fun, there is the children’s theater that keeps the kids entertained and occupied. Not forgetting the Gammage on ASU campus owning up to the label ‘world’s best art presenters’. Tempe features a larger-than-life Auditorium for Broadway Gammage.

With the above reasons to visit Tempe AZ, it is time you start packing and taste the relishing goodies in the city. Here, you get to mingle with people from different States who have already fought their fears to try something new. Moving to Tempe is a choice you won’t regret.