My American plated vehicle is illegal in Mexico! What do I do? Help!

Due to last year’s changes in the immigration laws in Mexico, lots of foreigners are, whether they realize it or not, now driving vehicles with imported temporary import permits and, as such, are subject to fines and confiscation of their vehicles. Why is my car illegal? The vehicle’s temporary import permit is directly tied to […]

Hiring employees and Mexico’s new immigration rules – Employer Registration

In the last few months since the INM rules have changed, I have gotten quite a few inquiries from Mexican companies, as well as individuals trying to be hired by Mexican companies, as to how the hiring process works according to the new immigration rules. Really, the process is simple, the employer needs first register […]

Mexico’s House of Representatives Votes to Allow Foreigners to Own Beach Property

On April 23rd, 2013, Mexico’s House of Representatives, by an overwhelming majority, voted to reform Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution to allow foreigners to directly own residential real estate within the restricted zone. I have been seeing the news on this historic vote and also getting lots of emails about the reforms that passed […]

Things everyone needs to know before starting a small business in Mexico

This post is about owning and running a business in Mexico. I have to preface it by saying that by the time you finish, you may be completely discouraged in your dream of entrepreneurial success in paradise. However, there really is a wonderful life to be had in Mexico, and I know many people who […]