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Welcome to We are you full service legal team ready and willing to help you along your legal journey. We are a dedicated team of lawyers always ready to help you and we always offer free legal advice! We are happy to take the time to speak to you and let you know the options we can provide you.

  • Legal-ConsultingLegal consulting is a vital component of our legal service. We take the time to listen to your legal needs and offer free advice before taking on your case. Our trusted team will give you the advice you need to make sure you are involved in all of your legal decisions before they are made.
  • Family law guidanceFamily law concerns are emotional and difficult situations to handle. These situations are personal and sensitive and our team holds themselves to the highest standards in family law practices such as custody, child support, adoption, wills and paternity cases. We keep you in mind when dealing with your case and always show care an compassion.
  • Divorced-ParentsDivorced parents need an array of legal assistance that we provide. We are able to counsel on custody arrangements, mutually agreed upon custody exchanges and visitation. We can provide all the necessary court arrangements to get the outcome that is best for you and your child.

We make difference

We make the difference in the outcome of our cases. Without our trusted team of lawyers behind you, the results you need may be out of your reach. Not having the proper team of lawyers representing you will leave you to navigate your legal proceedings alone. Representing yourself will leave you confused and struggling to get yourself through your legal proceedings. Trust us to lead you down your legal journey and see the results our clients before you have received!

Why work with US

Working with us will get you the outcome you deserve. Our lawyers and dedicated, honest and have the schooling and resources they need to fight your legal battle. We have years of experience behind us and our results speak for themselves. From the smallest to the most complex case, we treat you with the upmost respect and give you the time attention you deserve. Come in and speak to us and you will see what sets us apart from the rest!


Our testimonials speak for themselves

profileI felt so comfortable with my lawyer from Mexican Lawyer. He was patient, kind and understanding. I never felt like I was not his most important client, even though I know I was one of many client for him. I was given honest answers to all of my questions and I never felt uncomfortable. I was nervous when I knew I had to choose a lawyer, but never felt that way once I chose Mexican Lawyer.

profile 2I was going through a very tough time and Mexican Lawyer really helped me through my legal journey. My divorce was not going well and I was very emotional during everything. My lawyer understood my situation and was always very kind and compassionate. I am very happy that I chose Mexican Lawyer to help me through my entire divorce proceedings.

profile 3I was represented better than I ever thought possible. My legal team gave the me advice I needed and I was prepared and ready when we headed to court. I got the results I needed without being stressed and worried about the process. Thank you to the Mexican Lawyer team!

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